life is a journey.

this may be one of the  topics which keep featuring on every article,blog now and then.but here’s my view on it.

life definitely is a journey we are all embarking on,right from the moment we are born to the moment we die,its about living up your dreams,isnt that always why we embark on journeys?to live up our dreams,to accomplish a goal.yes life is one.and the way in which we achieve it,you and i,well,it may be completely different.

some people are unfortunate enough,to never realize their dream,and i feel,such a life is meaningless.people like these

  • work almost all the time
  • absorb several hours of advertising every night, in their own homes
  • are tired and unhealthy and vaguely dissatisfied with their lives
  • respond to boredom, dissatisfaction, or anxiety only by buying and consuming things
  • have disposable income but can’t find a more fulfilling line of work without losing their health insurance
  • happily buy stuff that breaks within a year, and which nobody knows how to fix
  • have learned, through the media’s culture of blame-mongering, that the key to solving public and private issues is to find the right people to hate

to realize our dreams we need to cultivate pure life-skills.Your life skills can be made into superior ones, which will protect you from succumbing to destructive and self-destructive urges, such as (among many others) the urge to create a culture of ill health, fear and addiction just so you can enjoy exclusive sensations like wearing 10,000-dollar underwear, or trading companies like they’re baseball cards.

I’m not referring to situationally-specific life skills like changing tires, folding button-up shirts, or opening public washroom doors without touching the handle, though they are certainly useful.

Here I’m talking about the real fundamentals of being an empowered, self-directed human being.

Creativity. Curiosity. Resilience to distraction. Patience with others.

And to make these all possible: self-reliance – an unswerving willingness to take responsibility for your life, regardless of who had a hand in making it the way it is.



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